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Business meeting of the Asian Palaeontological Association (APA) held in Beijing

The first business meeting of the Asian Palaeontological Association (APA) was held in Beijing on Nov.18, 2019 during the 1st Asian Palaeontoological Congress. This meeting was co-chaired by the presidents of two societies, including Prof. ZHAN Renbin, President of the Palaeontological Society of China (PSC), and Prof. NISHI Hiroshi, President of the Palaeontological Society of Japan (PSJ).

About 17 scientific members of APC was invited to join this business meeting. Several key issues was discussed in the business meeting. The perpetration of the 1st Asian Palaeontological Congress was reported by Dr. Yongdong Wang, Secretary-general of 1st APC and Vice President of PSC. Wang addressed about the series works of APC preparation, including organization and sponsors, scientific committee and topics, oral and poster presentations, invited leaders and academician members, participants and coverage of the countries, convenor and plenary and session chairs, as well as the congress programs. In addition, in this meeting, a committee member of the Best Poster Evaluation was recognized, including ENDO Kazuyoshi (Japan) (Group Leader), BAI Zhiaiqng (China), LEE Dong-Chan (Korea), BUGDAEVA Eugenia (Russia), CAI Huawei (China).

The second issue was regard to the discussion of the the organization of the APA. Prof. Zhan Renbin presented about the the discussion history of the APA between PSC and PSJ in the years from 2017-2019, which forms the base of the organization of APA. In addition, meeting members discussed for the constitution draft of the APA, the logo of APA. All the meeting members agree for the proposal of the fist council members and the executive board of APA. About 17 members were proposed to be the fist council members of APA; they represent 9 Asian countries, including  China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Lebanon. Six members were proposed as the executive board of APA, including President ZHAN Renbin (China), Vice Presidents Hiroshi NISHI (Japan), Deng Tao (China), LEE Dong-Chan (Korea) and Sergey  ROZHNOV (Russia), Secretary-General Yongdong WANG (China).

In the meeting, some other topics were discussed, including next APC, the council meeting, future conferences, APA website and publication proceedings.