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01-18 / 2022
The first show of direct linkage between intensified volcanism and immediate weathering
Intensive volcanism has been considered a major driver of environmental/climatic changes throughout Earth history, including global warming due to exc...
02-18 / 2022
"The impact of Chinese palaeontology on evolutionary research" published by Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Online
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B compiled and edited by Xiaoya Ma, Guangxu Wang and Min Wang has now been published online (https://r...
12-15 / 2021
Dinosaur-age Fossils Provide New Insights into Origin of Flowering Plants
Flowering plants (angiosperms) dominate most terrestrial ecosystems, providing the bulk of human food. However, their origin has been a mystery since ...
02-26 / 2021
Kylinxia: A 520-million-year-old chimeric fossil uncovering the origin of arthropods
The discovery of a shrimp-like fossil named Kylinxia provides important insights into the early evolutionary history of arthropods, finds new study le...
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