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The Council Meeting and General Assembly of Asian Paleontological Association held in Tokyo of Japan

From August 3 to 7, the 2nd Asian Palaeontological Congress (APC2) was held in Tokyo of Japan. Over 400 participants from 24 Asian countries and regions attended this congress. APC2 was cohosted by the Palaeontological Society of Japan (PSJ) and the Asian Palaeontological Association (APA), under the financial support of PSJ and external funding resources/grants, with joint auspices of the University of Tokyo and the Union of Japanese Societies for Natural History. The theme of this congress is “Science in Deep Time in a New Epoch”. A total of 6 plenary talks, 252 oral presentations and 91 posters were presented, and four pre- and post-congress field excursions were organized.

During the congress, the Council Meeting and General Assembly of Asian Palaeontological Association were held in Tokyo of Japan. On August 6th, the second meeting of the APA Council was held in the University of Tokyo, which was chaired by APA President Renbin ZHAN. A total of 9 council members from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand attended this meeting, including Vice Presidents Hiroshi NISHI (Japan), Tao DEN (China), Dong-Chan LEE (Korea) and Secretary General Yongdong WANG (China). Yongdong WANG reported the business progress of APA since its founding in Beijing in 2019, mainly including the set-up of APA website, symposia organization, attending the 6th IPC congress in Thailand, council members visits and exchanges, the preparation of APC2 in Japan, preparation of Joint Field excursion as well as ordinary working of APA secretariat. It is noted that Chinese Academy of Sciences has provided strong and positive supports for APA, including annual budget funding.

During the meeting, the council members discussed about the proposal of the new round of APA council organizations, and the new Executive Committee from 2023-2027 was approved by the members. The new APA President is Kazuyoshi ENDO from University of Tokyo, Japan; Yongdong WANG from NIGPAS in Nanjing, China, Dong-Chan LEE from Chungbuk National University, Korea, Xijun Li from IVPP of China, UDACHACHON Mongkol from Mahasakakham University, Thailand as well as Sergey ROZHNOV from Geology & Palaeontology Institute, RAS act as the Vice Presidents, Dr. Bin WAN from NIGPAS, Nanjing China act as the Secretary General.

 At this council meeting, the future working plan of APA (2023-2027) was also discussed. The1st Session of 2nd APA Council Committee will be held in November of 2023 in Nanjing of China, together with the Asian Young Palaeontology Forum; additionally, the joint field excursions will be held in Yunnan of China after the council meeting and forum as well. In addition, council meeting has decided that the 3rd Asian Palaeontological Congress (APC3) will be hosted by Thailand in 2027 in Bangkok. The proposal of establishing the Asian Palaeontological Awards was discussed by the council members. The members agreed to promote the APA to join the related international conferences that will be held in Asian regions, such as the 31th Annual Conference of Palaeontological Society of China (Nov. Of 2023, Nanjing, China), the 6th International Palaeogeography Conference (May of 2024, Nanjing, China), the 37th International Geological Congress (August of 2024, Busan, Korea), the 9th International Conference on Fossil Insects, Arthropods and Amber (April of 2024, Xi’an of China), and the 20th International Symposium on Ostercoda, (August of 2026, Beijing of China). 

President Renbin ZHAN finally expressed his appreciations for council members who provided strong supports for the work of the association over the past four years, and overcame difficulties such as the Covid-19 epidemic, so as to persist in cahhying out academic activities and promote exchanges and cooperations. He congratulated on the new executive committee and hoped that the new council committee will continue to lead everyone to actively promote the development of palaeontology in Asia, so as to push talent training, scientific communication and academic exchanges and other work of APA to a higher level. 

On the afternoon of August 7th, the APA General Assembly was held in the Ito International Conference Center of University of Tokyo. This assembly was chaired by the APA new Vice President, Yongdong WANG. Renbin ZHAN, Hiroshi NISHI, Tao DENG, Dong-Chan LEE, and the new APA President Kazuyoshi ENDO, new Vice President Xijun NI, as well as other over 300 participants of 2nd APC joined this assembly. Yongdong WANG first reported on the APA council resolution and read out the members of the new executive committee of the APA council (including President, Vice Presidents and Secretary General). Later, Kazuyoshi ENDO, the new President of the APA Council, delivered a speech on behalf of the second council committee. He thanked the first council committee for its work over the past four years and the hard work it has put into organizing the Second Asian Paleontological Congress, and hoped that everyone would continue to support the work of APA and actively participate in the activities of the association, so as to make the academic exchange work of the association better in future. Subsequently, Yongdong WANG introduced the future academic conferences in the field of palaeontology in Asia, including the 6th Palaeogeography Conference, the 37th International Geological Congress and other related symposia or conferences, and the promotional video of the 37th International Geological Congress was displayed. The representative of the University of Makathalakan of Thailand introduced the information of the 3rd Asian Paleontological Congress to be held in Bangkok in 2027 at the general assembly, and extended the invitation to all participants, hoping that we will meet in Bangkok in four years.


Part members at the council meeting of the Asian Paleontological Association held on August 6th, 2023 in Tokyo


Part of the Executive members of APA. Past President Renbin ZHAN (Left 2nd ), Past Vice Presidents Hiroshi NISHI (left 3rd) and Tao DENG (Right 2nd), Council Member Min HUH (Right 3rd); APA new President Kazuyoshi ENDO (Right 4th)Vice Presidents Yongdong WANG (Left 1st) and Xijun NI (Right 1st), and the President of the Organizing Committee of 2nd APC Tanaki SATO (left 4th)


The General Assembly of APA held on August 7th, 2023 at University of Tokyo, chaired by Vice President Yongdong WANG


APA Executive members (front) participated the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Asian Palaeontological Congress held on August 4th, 2023 in University of Tokyo, Japan