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Hezheng Paleozoological Museum was awarded as the title of National Popular Science Education Bases” by Palaeontological Society of China

From October 17 to 18, 2020, the 3rd Session meeting of the 12th Council of Palaeontological Society of China (PSC) was held in Hezheng County, Gansu Province, China. During this meeting,  Hezheng Paleozoological Museum was awarded as the National Popular Science Education Bases by PSC


The President of PSC, Zhan Renbin, the Vice-President Deng Tao, Yao Jianxin, Bai Zhiqiang, Hua Hong, and Wang Yongdong, the Supervisor-in-Chief, Yang Qun, the Vice Supervisor-in-Chief, Sun Ge, the Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Linxia Autonomous Prefecture and the Secretary of Hezheng County Party Committee, Li Guohui, the Deputy Secretary of the Hezheng County Committee and County Commissioner, Jiang Jianmin participated in this ceremony.


Zhan Renbin addressed that the fossils of Hezheng are of great scientific importance to the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau and the evolution of the Cenozoic terrestrial ecosystem in China. As Chinese paleontologists, we have the responsibility and obligation to study the fossils of Hezheng and introduce them to worldwide paleontologist, so that the fossils and significance of Hezheng could be understood by public, contributing to the development of local economy and society, as well as the improvement of scientific and cultural literacy of all people. The purpose of awarding the Hezheng Fossil Museum as “National Popular Science Education Bases” of PSC is to perform better in science education and dissemination, and also to commemorate the International Fossil Day greatly in 2020.


Vice-President Deng Tao said that there are four distinctive fossil fauna in Hezheng, with high diversity and abundance. Hezheng fossils are important materials for scientific research and science popularization. Besides, the local government has made outstanding contributions to the fossil conservation, popularization and exhibition.


The Deputy Secretary of the Hezheng County Committee and County Commissioner, Jiang Jianmin delivered a speech on behalf of Hezheng County leaders.


Hezheng County is located in the southern part of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province. Hezheng Paleozoological Museum, opened in 2003, is a thematic museum for collecting and displaying of ancient mammals fossils from the Late Cenozoic, which is now a national second-class museum and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, covering an area of 135 acres with a construction area of 23085 m2. Among the exhibits, there are six world fossil records: the exclusive Hezhenggia bohlini fossil, the largest hyena fossil, the largest true horse (Equus eisenmannae) fossil, the oldest woolly rhino fossil, and the most shovel-tusk elephant and Hipparion fauna fossils